• The U.S. Census—Giving Everyone an Equal Vote

    The U.S. Census is one of the most important civil rights issues today. In this article, we look at why undercounts are such a problem, and share an exciting multilingual New York City outreach initiative that aims to make sure every person in the five boroughs is counted.

  • 7 Translation Questions Answered: Tips for Working with a Translation Agency

    How does the translation process work? What is localization? Can I give feedback on a translation? In this article, we answer seven of your top questions about translation.

  • Which French Variant Will Resonate with Your Audience? European vs. Canadian French

    While translating into French can help any organization expand its reach, the language must be tailored to the target audience. In this article, we examine the forms of French spoken around the world to help you develop a translation strategy targeted to the people you want to reach.

  • Accessible & Inclusive Museums—How Small Measures Add Up

    Scalable, incremental efforts can form the basis for widespread inclusion. In this article, we explore the ways museums are using accessibility resources to include the widest possible audiences, and merging traditional efforts with language access.

  • How Translating Colors Across Cultures Can Help You Make a Positive Impact

    On a website, color directs the eye, conveys messages, and invokes emotion. However, the meanings attributed to colors vary from culture to culture, and a single color may have very different meanings around the world.

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