• Risks of Bad Translation—How to Ensure Your Brand Voice Is Clear Across Borders

    Companies spend a great deal of time and money nurturing relationships and building trust with their clients. Doing so entails prospecting, developing sales and marketing strategies, crafting the right message, providing great customer service, and staying on brand. The last thing you need are translation errors jeopardizing all of this work.

  • Frankfurter Buchmesse
    Eriksen in Action | Aug 16, 2019

    Frankfurter Buchmesse

    On October 16, Will Lach will travel to Frankfurt, Germany to attend the 2019 Frankfurter Buchmesse, the world’s largest trade fair for print and digital content. The annual event draws publishing experts from around the world to discuss important trends, share ideas, and collaborate with other professionals within the book and media industry.

  • How Top Cultural Institutions Use Translation to Drive Repeat Visitors

    For some, a museum is a place to come for that special, once-a-year day trip. For others, it’s a destination […]

  • Accessibility and Translation: How Museums Can Kill Two Birds with One Stone

    Accessibility programs and translation services are often viewed as separate resources. However, there are intersections. Accommodating visitors with disabilities does not always require new content. There may be times when assets can be remodeled. Or developed with multiple audiences in mind.

  • GALA Executive Forum
    Eriksen in Action | Jul 18, 2019

    GALA Executive Forum

    On July 18, Eriksen hosted a GALA Executive Forum in our Brooklyn office. Featuring an interactive panel on the topic of growth through acquisition, the event brought together leaders in the localization industry for an evening of networking and learning.

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