• Top 3 Competitive Advantages of Website Localization

    As society becomes increasingly more diverse, whether to translate your digital presence merits hard consideration. Is translation a good investment? What are the advantages? Does website localization really increase traffic?

  • How to Judge Translation Quality

    Judging the quality of a translation is hard. If you don't speak the language, how can you know if a translation is accurate? Use these tips to better evaluate the quality of translation projects.

  • How to Choose the Best Language Variant for Your Museum Translations

    Selecting the right languages for translation is challenging, but things get especially perplexing when a language has multiple variants. Language is fluid and evolves differently over time, and today many common languages have distinct linguistic variations.

  • The Challenges of Multilingual Typesetting

    Multilingual typesetting is trickier than you might think. If handled by someone without an in-depth understanding of a particular language and its challenges, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

  • Tourists and Locals: How Museums Can Translate for Both

    From maps to audio tours, signage, and exhibition didactics—museums produce a wide variety of collateral that impact the visitor experience in different ways. This can make it a challenge to develop a comprehensive translation strategy.

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