• The Challenges of Multilingual Typesetting

    Multilingual typesetting is trickier than you might think. If handled by someone without an in-depth understanding of a particular language and its challenges, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

  • Tourists and Locals: How Museums Can Translate for Both

    From maps to audio tours, signage, and exhibition didactics—museums produce a wide variety of collateral that impact the visitor experience in different ways. This can make it a challenge to develop a comprehensive translation strategy.

  • Using Translation to Make Diversity and Inclusion Part of Your Company Culture

    Diversity and inclusion in the workplace have become a key part of management dialogue. Discover how translation can support your efforts and help build a company culture in which everyone feels welcome.

  • How Translations Can Promote Diversity and Inclusion at Museums

    Institutions are striving to engage multicultural audiences. It is widely recognized that translation helps achieve these objectives. However, museums everywhere feel the challenges of insufficient budget or staff.

  • Risks of Bad Translation—How to Ensure Your Brand Voice Is Clear Across Borders

    Companies spend a great deal of time and money building trust with their clients. The last thing you need are translation errors jeopardizing this work. What really are the risks of mistakes in translation, and how can you avoid them?

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