• MuseWeb Conference
    Eriksen in Action | Apr 5, 2019

    MuseWeb Conference

    On April 2-6, Will Lach attended the 2019 MuseWeb Conference in Boston, where, as part of the Inclusive Design Incubator, he presented “Understanding Access: Translation Services and Accessibility Programs.” Will’s talk examined the ways in which museums have strengthened their programming by combining both services and looked at initiatives from outside the museum sector.

  • Translating the Language of Diversity, Tolerance, and Inclusion

    On any given day, Eriksen’s German-born project manager might stop at the deli for lunch where she chats with the Moroccan-born owner. Meanwhile, our Algerian-born operations director may run into the Yemeni-owned bodega to grab coffee for herself and our Colombian-born Spanish quality manager. She’ll then head into the office for a meeting with our owner, who was born and raised in Fredrikstad, Norway. New York City, our hometown, is a city built on immigrants.

  • Text Expansion and Contraction in Translation

    Your designer did a fabulous job developing your new line of brochures – the perfect balance between compelling copy and eye-catching images. But how will your latest collateral look when it’s translated into Chinese? Or German? When you translate a marketing campaign, presentation, website, or app into other languages, text expansion and contraction is something to be aware of.

  • International Congress of the Spanish Language
    Eriksen in Action | Mar 5, 2019

    International Congress of the Spanish Language

    Senior Project Manager Bettiana Quiroga attended the International Congress of the Spanish Language, held March 27-30 in Cordoba, Argentina. The congress brought together 250 writers, academics, and language professionals from around the world to discuss the future of the Spanish language in the Americas.

  • Women in Localization Northeast Chapter
    Eriksen in Action | Feb 26, 2019

    Women in Localization Northeast Chapter

    On March 28, Eriksen hosted the Northeast Chapter of Women in Localization event examining the topic of Building and Managing a Localization Team. Guests heard from a panel of seasoned industry professionals including Carolina Escalona of Verizon Wireless, Aisha Khan and Kristina Ona of WeWork, and Eriksen’s Director of Production Yasmin Menon.

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