• How Top Cultural Institutions Use Translation to Drive Repeat Visitors

    For some, a museum is a place to come for that special, once-a-year day trip. For others, it’s a destination […]

  • Accessibility and Translation: How Museums Can Kill Two Birds with One Stone

    Accessibility programs and translation services are often viewed as separate resources. However, there are intersections. There may be times when assets can be remodeled or developed with multiple audiences in mind.

  • Assessing the Translatability of Your Content

    Improving translation quality begins with preparing source content. Follow these best practices to ensure an effective and successful translation project.

  • How Cultural Initiatives at Museums are Engaging Communities

    Cultural institutions play a role as a social catalyst in the community. Learn how museums are engaging culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

  • Best Practices for Translation Review

    Client review is an important step in the translation process that provides an additional level of quality control and ensures your brand is communicated effectively.

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