• Digital Media Related to Visitor Strategy

    Over the past year, I’ve attended a lot of conferences and listened to many different museum voices. A question that frequently comes up is, “What is our digital strategy?” Other questions along the same lines are, “What should our digital strategy be? We need an app! Our website needs to have a database of our entire collection!” Bringing to life the dream of the one magic creation.

  • MuseWeb Conference
    Eriksen in Action | Apr 5, 2019

    MuseWeb Conference

    On April 2-6, Will Lach attended the 2019 MuseWeb Conference in Boston, where, as part of the Inclusive Design Incubator, he presented “Understanding Access: Translation Services and Accessibility Programs.” Will’s talk examined the ways in which museums have strengthened their programming by combining both services and looked at initiatives from outside the museum sector.

  • Translating the Language of Diversity, Tolerance, and Inclusion

    On any given day, Eriksen’s German-born project manager might stop at the deli for lunch where she chats with the Moroccan-born owner. Meanwhile, our Algerian-born operations director may run into the Yemeni-owned bodega to grab coffee for herself and our Colombian-born Spanish quality manager. She’ll then head into the office for a meeting with our owner, who was born and raised in Fredrikstad, Norway. New York City, our hometown, is a city built on immigrants.

  • Text Expansion and Contraction in Translation

    Your designer did a fabulous job developing your new line of brochures – the perfect balance between compelling copy and eye-catching images. But how will your latest collateral look when it’s translated into Chinese? Or German? When you translate a marketing campaign, presentation, website, or app into other languages, text expansion and contraction is something to be aware of.

  • International Congress of the Spanish Language
    Eriksen in Action | Mar 5, 2019

    International Congress of the Spanish Language

    Senior Project Manager Bettiana Quiroga attended the International Congress of the Spanish Language, held March 27-30 in Cordoba, Argentina. The congress brought together 250 writers, academics, and language professionals from around the world to discuss the future of the Spanish language in the Americas.

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