• The Nuremberg Trials and Simultaneous Interpreting

    Simultaneous interpreting is now common practice, used regularly at conferences and other international gatherings. But many are surprised to hear that this mode of interpreting got its start at the Nuremberg Trials.

  • Digital Media Related to Visitor Strategy

    Over the past year, I’ve attended a lot of conferences and listened to many different museum voices. Questions that frequently come up include: “What is our digital strategy?” and “What should our digital strategy be?"

  • Translating the Language of Diversity, Tolerance, and Inclusion

    New York City is well known for its cultural and ethnic diversity. The city has for many years welcomed, celebrated, and protected the contributions of its immigrants and diverse residents.

  • Text Expansion and Contraction in Translation

    Your designer did a fabulous job developing your new line of brochures – the perfect balance between compelling copy and eye-catching images. But how will your latest collateral look when it’s translated into Chinese? Or German? When you translate a marketing campaign, presentation, website, or app into other languages, text expansion and contraction is something to be aware of.

  • 50+ Fascinating Facts About Language

    Since humans first began to speak, languages have developed and disseminated across the continents to become an integral part of our culture and identity. This infographic includes 50+ facts about the fascinating nature of language and the way it shapes our world.

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