• Translating Trump

    The challenges of interpreting Trump’s manner of speaking have been widely discussed over the course of his rise in the political spotlight. But when The Daily Show called looking for interpreters to appear in a segment on translating Trump, Eriksen was up for the challenge.

  • App Localization: 15 Tips for Getting Started

    App localization has many components, and advance planning will help save you time and money, and ultimately maximize your app’s international distribution potential. We’ve put together 15 tips to help you get started.

  • Creating Multilingual Exhibit Labels

    Developing a bilingual exhibit is not a simple process. Multilingual components must work in conjunction with the rest of your exhibition graphics, such as flyers, banners, advertising, web content, and multimedia components. Here are a few tips for getting started.

  • Engaging a Global Workforce: Positioning Your Team For Success

    Global workforces can offer companies a considerable competitive advantage. A staff built of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, who speak different languages and have varied worldviews, leads to robust teams of problem solvers who bring fresh ideas and new perspectives.

  • Writing for Global Audiences

    Writing for audiences across cultures has its challenges. How do you write in a way that is clear to people with diverse backgrounds and can be easily translated, so that your message is not diluted for those who are not native English speakers? When writing content that will eventually be translated for people in other cultures, write with a global audience in mind from the start. The quality of your source content directly impacts the quality of your translated content.

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